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Scythians settled here within the Bronze Age and built giant burial mounds for their kings, Alexander the nice briefly brought the world underneath control during his march eastwards and the armies of Islam were spreading Muhammad’s message by way of its valleys and cities as early as 700AD. Nevertheless, it was under the reign of Tamerlane in the 14th century that Uzbekistan skilled its Golden Age, seen today in the breathtaking splendour of Samarkand’s Islamic architecture, most notably Registan Square and Gur-e-Amir - Tamerlane’s tomb. All of these different civilizations, migrations and conquerors have left their mark on the nation we see at present, bodily, culturally and spiritually.

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For those who search to mix your travelling in Uzbekistan with other stan nations in central Asia like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan or Turkmenistan, then let us invite you there with our skilled local suppliers to make your tour smooth and enjoyable. These countries are very completely different from each other and positively have their own unique tour merchandise. In Kyrgyzstan you should not miss travelling to the world’s second largest alpine lake known as Issyk Kul, the lake of Son Kul on the altitude of greater than 3,000 meters above sea stage where you find local nomads dwelling in yurts. In Tajikistan the famous Pamir highway hides dozens of small cozy villages with Wakhi and Pamir people, who have ancient traditions preserved to these days. Apart from you can be astonished by the nature and varied landscapes. In Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan there are stays of historical cities which have been fashionable through the Silk Road occasions and even earlier, whereas Darwaza fuel crater is the main highlight of Turkmenistan and Altyn Emel singing dunes or Charyn canyons are like calling playing cards of Kazakhstan. Our staff will allow you to to guide motels, to get a automobile for rent and to find the most effective guides.