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GPs are failing to diagnose patients with early dementia regardless of a major Authorities drive to enhance detection rates, Buy Funcional online analysis exhibits immediately. Other GPs are thought to be sending patients away telling them their symptoms are nothing to worry about, and Buy asacol online a normal part of growing outdated. Launched underneath David Cameron in 2012, the Dementia Problem aims to detect the sickness as promptly as possible to enable patients to be supplied drugs to slow the progression. In the primary study of its sort, researchers assessed whether or not encouraging patients to see their GP with early signs improved analysis charges. They looked at 14,558 patients at 22 GP surgeries based in North and Buy asacol online East London, Buy asacol online Hertfordshire and Essex. Half of practices despatched leaflets and private letters to all patients over 70 urging them to see their GP if they had any confusion or forgetfulness. Surprisingly although this resulted in lots of extra patients booking appointments, it did not enhance GPs’ prognosis rates. Researchers believe that many of those patients have been sent away by doctors who both dismissed their symptoms or Buy asacol online believed a prognosis was pointless. Professor Gill Livingstone, Buy Fungimed online the psychiatrist who led the research, said she was surprised at how many households were struggling to get a diagnosis. Buy asacol online