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Sean WeatherSpoon Due to the reimbursement of the loose torn season, another three-bit line guard & mdash; & mdash; Paul Worrilow (Pelt), Xiu De Threy - Campbell (DE & # 39; Vondre Campbell) (ankle) and Diion Jones (calf) & mdash; & mdash; After injury, the Falcon's position is urgent to help. After the game, Http:// after the Wissen Perteration, it was originally listed as a three-line four-point guard, Laroy Reynolds, Laroy Reynolds. Falcon people are insufficient, which helps explain the Falcon Defensive Group Ranking League 30.

Last week, the wild horse used a privileged player label for Simmons for the second consecutive year. Original Simmoss's salary this year is $ 137.292 million. However, the two sides expect this only to go through more than more negotiation time when using the privileged label. Last year, the wild horses also hope that the privileged player label can go to the renewal negotiation time, but the end of the two sides still cannot reach a consensus, this time finally has different results.

Sparq is actually 5 English words the first letter combination: Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness (speed, strength, flexibility, reactions, agile). The Sparq score is through a set of formulas, and a series of data inputs that measure the athletes are output, Cheap Nfl Jerseys and then output a comprehensive evaluation of the player's movement. The inventors of Sparq believe that in any occupational movement, success is interlocking with motion capabilities.

"I will play according to the way I like, that is, continuing the attack when I can, when I need it," Rogers said on Thursday. "If I have the opportunity to flee the pocket and create a different passage angle, I will do this. I feel very good. I have been working hard to keep the speed and body training this year, so I can have durable Sex to complete such offense many times in the game. This will definitely add a different element to our offensive group. "

Restore Health Rogers playing with a favorite way
Aaron Rodgers himself admitted that the calf injury suffered at the end of the season, let him become a non-movable pocket 4-point guard in the playoffs. He is still efficient, but this is not his preference.

Haiying two rounds of Frank. Clark Frank Clark ranked 5th in the 2015 191 sho, His weight 271 pounds, 40 yards 4.64, 20 yards returned to run 4.05 seconds, vertical jump 38.5 inches, with quite strong Sports talent, the first round of 3 bits of Dante Fowler, SPARQ ranked 33, his weight is 261 pounds, although the speed is 4.60 seconds to pass Clark, but 20 yards returns to run 4.32 seconds, vertical jump 32.5 inches The score is not as heavier. Clark. The Hawie's three-wheeled Xiu Taylor. Although the performance is not bad, the ranking is just ranked 80 in 342 hands, and his achievements are mainly affected by 182 pounds; & mdash; too light NS.

49 people will continue to serve the harbor, the package worker and the Saint-Dynasty, which can get more lineup depths like a timely rain. This week's 49 people's running guards will consist of Jerick McKinnon and Jamycal Hasty.

Whether it can support such a playing method for their own calf, Rogers said they did not care at all. Team coach Mike Mike McCarthy obviously also has the same idea. In this preseason, he made Rogers and the starting offensive group to play 33 files, and last year's first preseason, Rogers did not play.

49 people activate running Korman and Corner Williams
US Time Saturday, 49 people announced, activation of Thai Coleman and Corner Kuwang - Williams (K & RSQUO; WAUN WILILAMS) to the big list, two people will play this week to the sea Eagle's game.

On August 13th, Green Bay Packing workers showed that this performance in the first quarter of New England Patriots, Rogers run out of the left to the left of the opposite side of the opposite side of the opposite side and shot in the run. ball.

Pitt Carol self-serving as the head coach of the Hawow, has always maintained a good relationship with Nike's Sparq team, and the Hawks' physical coach Chris Casile is directly involved in the development and adjustment of Sparq scores. Even a set of special SPARQ training equipment, more exaggerated is the Sports scientist Di En, DEAN RIDDLE, Direct Directed from Sparq. Chip. Kelly is also involved in the research and development of Sparq scores when serving as the Oregon Duck Team. Such origin directly leads that the two teams will use Sparq as an assessment tool when consumed a rookie player. So in the lineup of the Hawks and the eagle, you can't find some rounds of rounds, but the sparq score a high player.

Simmons in the third round of the Wild Horse in 2016. Since the 2018 season, Simmount is one of the three players who have achieved at least 250 hugs of 10 times. Since the 2019 season, Simmons' professional football focused network score reached 90.5, and ranked first in the security guard position. In the five seasons for the effectiveness of wild horses, he obtained 16 copies and 37 times destroyed passed.