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2017 nfl jerseys draft position and team demand analysis 1-10
This article is arranged in accordance with the 2017 nfl jerseys draft first round, and it is most urgent to reinforce the reinforcement after each team enters the offset period. The order of the draft is determined by the performance, and the difficulty of the schedule (the record and the difficultness of the schedule is the official consideration factor for the alliance for the sequence of election).

Remarks: 5 swipes are obtained by trading.

Cleveland Brown

2016 record: 1-15 (.549)

Preferred reinforcement location: quad-shock, center / striker, guard

Analysis: The Brown team gave up Carson-Wenz, so they are still looking for "most suitable for that one". If you can reinforce the team to defend a immediate improvement in the corner guard or safety position. Brown should also be enrolled in an inside offensive front line player.

2. San Francisco 49 people

2016 record: 2-14 (.504)

Preferred reinforcement position: quadruplicate, external guard, offensive front line

Analysis: When a team is everywhere, you will choose how to make up? Still find a suitable quarter-shif to do the cornerstone bar. 49 people must work harder in the guard position, perhaps the right cutoff may change a person. Boarding the opponent's rush should be the first point of attention of the team.

3. Chicago bear

2016 record: 3-13 (.521)

Preferred reinforcement location: quad segment, defender, offensive front line

Analysis: Jay Carter's contract is greatly dive, which is likely to lead to his departure. The Xiong team used the previous one of the previous rounds of drafts to defensive frontline, and now they must strengthen the second line of lineup. I look forward to Chicago enhances their offensive front line depth.

4. Jacksonville American Tiger

2016 record: 3-13 (.527)

Preferred reinforcement position: offensive front line, defensive cut off, security

Analysis: Whether it is a cut-off or a stront, it is necessary to reinforce the reinforcement, which is necessary to improve. It is also necessary to give priority to the need to make the defensive frontline more destructive, and should also consider an income of a security guard with coverage.

5. Tennesi Toytan (get it from Los Angeles ram)

2016 record: 9-7 (.465)

Preferred reinforcement position: corner guard, external walk, internal

Analysis: Titan must use the high-level sign to make a strong second line, and it needs to reinforce the outer junction position. Mario Tag is hot in the 2016 season, but it still needs a trustworthy entry. If Titan is able to recruit a three-way coverage ability, it is also possible to greatly help the team.

6. New York Jet

2016 record: 5-11 (.518)

Preferred reinforcement location: quad-shock, external wire, corner

Analysis: Of course, the jet may think that Christian - Hackenberg is their four-point guard, but increasing a competitive candidate is definitely wise. There are a lot of talents in front of the jet, but they still need to add a punch for the outer (limit) capabilities. Corner is also a highly prioritized position.

7. Los Angeles Lightning

2016 record: 5-11 (.543)

Preferred reinforcement position: offensive cut off, take over, quadruposis

Analysis: There is a disappearance that the lightning is available, but they have "available" too long, it is time to retreat. Coupled with Nakana-Allen's injury, lightning can add a person in this position. Philip Revus has signed a long, but except that the team is in the four-guard position, cheap jerseys from china it is urgent to increase the depth.

8. Carolina Black Leopard

2016 record: 6-10 (.518)

Preferred reinforcement position: attack cut off, defensive end, running guard

Analysis: It seems that the black panther in the past three seasons should be in the position of the supplemental attack, and the weighing is beginning. Anti-mushing lineup upgrade is also a position to be prioritized. Considering the upper limit of Jonathan Stewart and injuries, running guards should also consider.

9. Cincinnati Meng Hu

2016 record: 6-9-1 (.521)

Preferred position: center, line guard, outer rush

Analysis: Meng Hu is going to let the road strokes run up, which means they need to work hard in the offensive front line. Meng Hu also requires some outer rush speed to exert pressure on the other's cutoff. At the same time, the team also needs to focus on line guards to add some sports skills.

10. Buffalo

2016 record: 7-9 (.482)

Preferred reinforcement position: offensive cutout, external walk, defender

Analysis: Bill may seek a right trip after experienced this season. Their external connections may flow into the free market, so this location also needs to be reinforced. Whether it is a security guard or a corner, Bill is not too much. And if Terol is not returned, Bill is clearly needed to come to a new quarter.