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More team contact Hawks inquiry transaction quartzwood Walsea Wilson
Russell Wilson has recently discussed the situation of ourselves in Seattle Hawks, which attracts more interest in other teams.

According to nfl jerseys TV reporters, Tom Pelissero and Mike Garafolo reported that more teams contacted the Hawks in recent days. This is the result of nature when Wilson's star players public express their dissatisfaction. But Wilson's current situation in the Haiying team makes the transaction more interesting.

Wilson is about to enter the third year of the contract, this contract has averaged $ 35 million, and he will occupy a salary space of $ 32 million in 2021, and the contract shall not be traded. If the Hawks are intended to send him away, then the transaction must first get the consent of Wilson.

At the same time, Cheap jerseys Wilson has participated in the human decision of the Hawie. According to Perry Roh, Wilson hired a new offensive coordinator Shanewne Waldron in the Hawien's "Shane Waldron". Wilson also encountered the Hawie to sign the outside of Antonio Brown, but the latter finally joined Tampawan pirates.

Wilson's 55th Super Bowl and NFL President Roger Gudel watched in the same box and witnessed Brown to help pirates won. The reason why Wilson can watch the game is because the Hawks have been eliminated in the outer card.

The Hawks were killed 5 times in the Los Angeles ram in this playoffs. Recently, he said that he was killed in the last season. It was one of the reasons why Hawks could not succeed. This is actually telling management: looking for better protection of my players.

But Wilson also rely on his own legs to continue the attack, which created some of the most exciting performances, but at the same time, he also led his position than many quarters than many quarters. Honestly, his holding of the ball is also one of the reasons why he is killed. It is obvious from the competition video.

"Their offensive system relies on long pass, but honestly say that your current comment will not let your offensive front line players, your offensive front line coach and team player personnel department feel comfortable," Perrisir said to Wilson's speech Express.

According to Perry Riro, the Hawks did not say if they intentionally traded Wilson. But Galago believes that things are not as simple.

"There is always one day, I don't know, maybe it is not too far away, Wilson will be in addition to the team exceeded Seattle Hawks," Galago said. "I don't want to say that the relationship between the two parties is tense, but Wilson has been requesting & mdash; & mdash; By the recent contract negotiation, the situation will become nervous in the last 2 contract negotiations. Russell and brokers will Tough sticks to the salary you can get every minute. This is not the contract negotiations like Patrick Mahomes. "

"Russel Wilson signed short, 4 years contract, this sometimes hinders the Hawks to spend money to reinforce the other positions of the lineup. At the same time, Russell always wants something else, he is always Go to the management say, & lsquo; we should do this, we should do it. & Rsquo; he is a very energetic person, he is always trying to make himself better, let the team become better, I think I think At some time, sometimes the Hawks will say, & lsquo; You guesses how to lastel, you can start with a new beginning in other teams, we will find new quarter-offs in the future. & Rsquo; "

"I don't think it is this year, but in the case of the contract, I think I can start suspected that Russell Wilson will come to the end of the Hawks, and, especially if he publicly said These you know that when you don't make your management feel comfortable.

Wilson has always been a player who is fully investigated on the court. Obviously he brings such a style to the closed meeting. But all nfl jerseys teams run are limited. After the participation of Wilson's participation over the past few years, it is not difficult to find that the Hawks have begun to feel bored, especially when Wilson publicly expresses themselves.

During the peak, Wilson was one of the top quarters. In the last 2 seasons, he is considered to be one of the popular candidates of MVP every season. However, the Hawo has not found a way to return to the top state of the superbit in the superbit for two consecutive years.

Players in the team went to go, and Wilson has always been a core figure that Hawks succeed. Galago compared Wilson's situation and Tom Brady.

"How much feelings and Tom Braddy end new England patriots players have such a point of view," Galago said. "Breddy hopes that he has excellent players around him. After a long time, he and the relationship between the coach and the coach will become a bit like this. I still think that he will be the four of the Eagle in the 2021 season. Defold .... But we have heard that they tried to rumors in the election two years ago. "

"I think everything will go to the head at some point. It may not be this year."