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Almost everywhere you will find hacks, cheats and guides for Clash Royale. If you search Google or YouTube for " Clash Royale Hack" you will find countless videos. Often they lead to dubious sites where you have to enter your password and your e-mail address in the worst case. Atari-Gamer is among the few websites that offer cheats and hacks legitimately and seriously. We have thousands of users every day, not only for the Clash Royale Hack , but also for many other games like FIFA 19 or Murder in the Alps.

However, in this article you want to give you reasons why you should NOT use the Clash Royale Hack.

It could influence your motivation

Clash Royale is focused on collecting coins and many other items. Jewels can usually only be obtained by using real money. This makes jewels very popular. You can open chests and build the best deck ever. Now imagine for a moment that you can open as many chests as you can. You could also get jewels at any time. It would have a huge impact on your motivation in the game. We know lots of players who have achieved more in Clash Royale within several days than players who play for more than two years. After that, they never opened the game again.

There are lots of fakes and cheats

We have already mentioned it above. For the time being, there are so many providers of a Clash Royale hack that additionally there are many black sheep among them. We often get comments with "The Clash Royale Coin Master hack apk is a scam" and "It's all fake" or "The Clash Royale hack doesn't work!" ;.This may really be true for some websites, because the hack does not work on every website. That's why we advise you to choose a reputable source for the hack. Signs of a dubious source are strange website names such as "" or "", which you often find on YouTube videos. Another sign of a scam site offering a fake Clash Royale hack is the very poor German used there. Often the language is from "resources" and the sentences don't really make sense. This is often where you should be warned. These are Russian or Indian hackers who often ask for your password or your email address. That's why we advise you to be very careful.

You are supposed to download and install something

Who does not know it? You already have doubts about the Clash Royale Hack Tool and then suddenly someone comes along and tells you to download and install a file. Well, how trustworthy is that? I can tell you; absolutely not. Under no circumstances should you download any file. Not on your PC and certainly not on your smartphone or tablet. There are so many online generators, why take the risk and catch a Trojan from some strange website? Just don't do it.

You are afraid of being banned in the game

Okay, now imagine you have already invested greater than a hundred euros in your account. Now you find the Clash Royale Hack and you think "Cool, I do want to use it too. Finally no more spending money!", but at the same time you think "Oh no, what happens if I get banned? All the hundreds of euros I've already used will be completely wasted." Yes, that's true. That's why we advise you to be very careful which hack you use. With our Clash Royale hack , proxies and other encryption methods are directly integrated, but this is false with other websites. So you have to be careful in any case.

You think it's immoral

Back then, there was the classic "cheater" who used a wall hack or Aimbot in Counterstrike. This gave them a huge advantage over many other players in the game. These cheaters were often ostracised and nobody liked them. In the meantime, however, things have changed. Virtual currencies and microtransactions now exist in every mobile game. In some games, players are systematically fleeced. So it doesn't matter if you cheat in such games. On the contrary, it is actually your duty to do something positive about it. You are not cheating yourself or other players, but only the manufacturers who earn millions with games.