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Announcements / ?
« on: April 26, 2021, 06:19:03 PM »
So in the beginning Kraftzone was hosted on, and so it makes sense that this community site go back to this old domain name.

It allows me to use the domain name for a newer site!

Sure I could have used a sub domain for this old site... the hassles of trying to keep this entire old site/forum/gallery going etc was just a lot easier to move it all onto a domain name of its own. That way it can be kept for nostalgia purposes.. Better than it ending up on | wayback machine or just lost forever.

I've upgraded the site cms software/security purposes aswel, so things are working nicely.

New registrations are going to be closed, you can contact to me on discord if you don't have an account here. Otherwise the forum/shoutbox will work just fine and you can still post here, I'll still be checking it.

I will have an update for the minecraft server soon. It will be updated to the latest version.. so while it's not a very active place around here, things will be kept running until returns with something newer.

Announcements / Merry Christmas
« on: December 24, 2020, 06:45:05 PM »
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all enjoy the holidays.

Announcements / Server updated to 1.16.4
« on: December 05, 2020, 11:02:27 PM »
Just a rare update, because I know I do so few of those things here.

Server updated (1.16.4) didn't realize it was already out of date, anyway will try get some more things sorted out including server spawn. It's still the plan to reduce some of the old maps and merge them into a newer map..reduce all the map backup storage hassle of maintenance, broken teleports etc (will put the old maps up for download again before I remove them off the server anyway)

Also added this server stats tool now you can see when random players hop on it for 5mins .. and the live map url for those who want to explore

Well that's all for now

Announcements / Quarantine Zone...
« on: April 28, 2020, 01:46:15 PM » (fullsize)

Well I guess alot more of you are having to stay inside like me and we've all got a bit more free time, so the server is coming back.

At this point I think anyone's expectations of how long this stays up is anyone's guess.. until most of us aren't in isolation? Kraftzone's minecraft might aswel operate seasonally as and when right :D

I'm sure it will be up for at least a month or more, starting where it left off around the start of this year when it closed... it will be ready this friday for 1.15 with a few plugin changes/updates, and I've reset the main world (I know some stuff got built there but I'm not sure how much of it was worth saving?)

Maybe there is some 'fun' plugins for virus spreading, KZ hasn't got a hospital built in the city world for this virtual pandemic, and perhaps the Admin Shop might need to implement 2 meter distance rule for safe shopping... :D

See you all on the server then or discord

Announcements / New Server...
« on: August 25, 2019, 04:43:52 PM »
new dedicated server is up and running... configuring of plugins and permissions are in process... new spawn area is being built ...out of a dirt, its a start right :D

You can get the new server ip from our official discord server here:

We also have a discord bot so you can stay connected to the in game chat right on discord and chat on the server from that aswel.

Should be a week or so before official launch will have to see what gets done before then, but if you want to join the server now and look around and you don't mind server restarts and a total lack plugin perms currently then feel free to join.

Announcements / Site is back again...
« on: August 27, 2018, 05:21:08 PM »
So took a bit longer to get things back...

New server is using php7 which meant the forum wasn't going to run without an update.. which I had been holding off doing as I knew it would break so many things like plugins..

And it has, so while things mostly work the forum and the various plugins it was setup with before are no longer working properly.

Anyway the news announcement I had made a week ago got lost. Just to reiterate it the current Kraftzone website is going to be moved to a different subdomain and folder... so will become   or

This is to make room for a new fresh website.

Anyway it's back :)

Announcements / Hey been a while....
« on: December 22, 2017, 03:13:49 PM »
Hope all you are all doing well !!!

I'm putting up the minecraft server for the holidays, bit like old times seeing as the server was started in the December holidays way back in 2012. So keeping in tradition it's back to where things were left off at the last time the server was up. The minecraft server version is 1.11 (, hopefully that is fine.

It will be running until just after the new year so hop on anytime during then for some weee nostalgia.

The maps are rendering again at so you can find your old builds (Making this post a little early so expect most the maps will be rendered before Christmas, I forgot how long it takes rendering given the size of them all)

And just to make it easier to teleport to your old builds (as I don't remember the all custom commands/warps that were setup for things anymore) all players can now use  '/mv list' to show all the world map names and '/mv tp <worldname>' to teleport to it. Also you can use '/tele x y z'  with the exact coordinates to get to things.

/ewarp list - Most the warps listed here
/xmas - ie this place... :)

With that have a Happy Christmas and Great New Year everyone.

Announcements / Happy New Year 2017
« on: January 05, 2017, 10:07:39 AM »
Belated news announcement and first homepage post in over a year :D

Short news is that I was thinking about setting up Kraftzone minecraft server over the holiday time for a week or so, I did get a few requests in pm and email over december, but said it would likely not happen.

So that's the bad news it just never happened plus I do say things like never gonna run the mc server again.. yaya :)  Well the good news is that I've got a server that is capable of running an mc server again, so I'll be using that for development projects (SnowdenHail multiplayer).. while its not being fully utilized it can have the mc server up aswel!

The server is pretty much just 1.8.8+plugins from where it left off, with some minor changes to get things to get it working again as its previous setup was a little more complicated, no lobby server(no cracked mc sorry)/ no bungee proxy/ and a bunch of other plugins that haven't been setup yet. I'll get around to it eventually maybe when I look at upgrading it to the latest mc version (I honestly haven't paid any attention to minecraft in the last year, not sure if latest version of minecraft is even worth bothering with? are you guys/gals fine with 1.8.8 or does it need upgrading to latest?)..  permissions/ranks all the same as before.

I should say this isn't really the return of the minecraft server in any permanent sense, yknow maybe its up for the week/month maybe longer maybe shorter. It's also not going to have a very active admin either, but sure I'll be coming on it, and eventually probably update the server to the latest mc version (and all the plugins etc) when I get around to it, the server voting stuff is all dead and that won't be used either.

Oh yeh if it not up.. its probably crashed or I needed the server resources. I'll try to let those on the server or on hear any plans for its downtime as best I can. It is what it is ok :)

Jump on for some nostalgia, chat to old players who hop back on, start some drama. Well that is it.. enjoy!  8)

Announcements / Merry Christmas and Holidays everyone
« on: December 25, 2015, 02:54:10 AM »
So I'm sure many of you may have noticed the minecraft server is back. A few players really wanted to bring it back...

-is it temporary or permanent? its here for the foreseeable future.

-will I be playing on it often? I still like my minecraft server and the community we have, and hopefully that can grow, you probably just see me on it some nights though.

-are you running it? yes and no, I do have server access but will really just be keeping it tied in with the website for the most part.

-cracked allowed? yes, side effect all premium users will have to register/login aswel as this isn't being run with exactly the same dedicated server setup I had before.

All previous ranks & staff ranks remain, seaofpain is most active and you can talk to him about day to day server issues/suggestions/requests etc. or just use the forums.

FYI I've removed the server map files that were up for download for the last 2 months, the server bandwidth for the last 2 months sure did go up a lot. Not sure if anyone actually setup there own server with the maps, you grabbed a piece of Kraftzone history if you grabbed the files either way :)


General Discussions / SnowdenHail
« on: December 12, 2015, 06:15:25 PM »
A forum thread for the little game project I'm working on and where I can talk with you all about its development progress. 

Current version release v0.26, you can play try it here:

The game is actually based off another  2d flash game made a few years ago called in effin hail.  I wanted to recapture the fun while doing it in 3d... seemed like a good idea at the time, however having spent hours with getting the right numbers to use for things like snowball mass, gravity, forces etc its proving to be tougher project than I ever thought it would be.

The unity game engines provides rigidbody dynamics and its own gravity system, it takes care of a huge portion of the physics code. Of course getting realism and then trying to make gameplay elements that defy realism create for some pretty clashing outcomes and a lot longer to get right, though it feels like its finally getting to the point where I could see a fun game being made out of this.

Also balancing the game performance of potentially hundreds of snowballs that each have there own scripted properties and exploding. The snowballs and buildings all fracture and explode on hit, or at least they should, you might notice that it doesn't always happen.

The object mesh fracturing and exploding code is actually all done at runtime, meaning everytime a snowball hits the ground or a building, its fracturing is calculated in realtime and then all the little pieces are pushed away from the impact point. It's cool but also very unfinished,  you will notice that a lot of snowballs especially the larger ones once they reach a certain size don't always fracture and explode. Its because the time it takes can often take a while more than just a  few frames which makes for some very bad framerates if it were to be done.

As I haven't even gotten onto making the code performance friendly, or doing proper artwork and 3d models. Having found the fracturing costs only really work for a few explosions at a time, it looks like I'll be 3d modelling snowballs/hail for different sizes with a pre factured version to swap out on impact and explode that instead. Also the building will have to be designed and fractured the same way. The fracturing and exploding you see right now in v0.26 is just a unity store asset I've used for prototyping, it looks like it won't work that well for this game in the long term. Still it was a lot quicker to implement in the game than doing all the lengthy pre facturing stuff.

Current plans....

Pre factured snowballs, so instead of fracturing occurring everytime it hits, it will just swap out the mesh for an already broken up snowball and reuse that in object pool.

Completely missing stuff that I do intend on adding:
-Particles.. Haven't even started on particle effects.
-Decals.. things like a large snowball smashing the ground, should leave some sort of crater effect, like you see when you throw a snowball at a wall.

Later on doing buildings, with there own health system so they can't just be destroyed by anything, it will take multiple hits, and some large hail to do it.

-Multiplayer (though in the short erm it would just be a chatroom to talk to other players who are also playing the game)

Future ideas:
- Alternative gametypes like playing as a person in the world at street level, trying to dodge or shoot down hail :D - trust me this on high up on the list of things I feel like doing for this game once I get the main gameplay elements done.
- coop one player controlling the wind and hail, and other players on the street trying to save the city from total destruction.

so many ideas, so many distractions :)

Things I could use feedback on..

-Game name ideas (I kinda like current name though it was really just a codename for the project)
-How should the camera system work, the forcefield that you see right now in v0.26 is kinda center in the middle of the scene and that pushes the snowballs further up, the intention is this will be hooked to the mouse position, and you control the camera, but given that this game is in 3d space it poses a bigger problem of how controlling both that forcefield and the camera. I have thought about maybe just making this a 2.5d type game where the camera is locked from rotating around the middle of the scene.. and instead the camera just follows the mouse cursor.
- Style of the game? Right now its aiming for semi realistic, though not really detailed.. though the idea of going fully cartoonish might be worth looking into.

Probably worth checking out the original game ( that this one was originally based on to get an idea for how it worked before. And all the gameplay elements in that which I do want to try reimplement into this 3d version, though the entire '3d nes'  of it sure does complicate things with camera view and controlling of hailforce, and realism (while baring in mind the performance costs) The scene could easily go to using fully generated terrain, mountains in the background for more realist view distance etc.. its a style choice, but one I could easily waste hours working on only to find it simply not in the scope or performance budget for the game. So I'm thinking the game should try to remain not too detailed, so keeping mobile friendly shoudl I ever port it to that.

Known bugs (as of v0.26): 
- Camera can go below the ground and above the surface
- The web version of the game sometimes resets the level, and all snowballs no longer dissapear or explode.. fps lag soon increases rapidly (I recommend reloading the page before it lags your pc out)

I can do release builds for osx, linux and windows to run natively on desktop (performance is much better than the web browser version) post a message here if you would be interested in running any of those versions instead. Pretty much just keeping this project to KZ members for now, so if you are wanting to test desktop builds you'll need to let me know you're on board with testing it, otherwise it will just be the web player version that I'll be updating.

General Discussions / KZgame Poll#1
« on: November 14, 2015, 01:16:50 PM »
Probably do a few of these polls.. interested to see what the take is on it.

Announcements / Kraftzone maps...
« on: October 24, 2015, 03:01:31 PM »
I'm going to miss running the server as I've said many times before it was fun but for anyone asking if I'll come back to running a public minecraft server again, as much as I sometimes feel like doing it, its very unlikely and that is why I'm letting you all have the maps you built on.

So here we go...  (green warp commands just so you know which map that was)

World18 -Size: 2.31gb  (April2015 -> To the end /world18 // 1.8 )
World17_amp -Size: 2.64gb (Dec2013 -> To the end /wilderness // 1.7)
World -Size:  3.54gb  (April2013 -> To the end /survival // 1.5)

Kraftzone2_world -Size: 3.47gb  (June2012 -April2013  /freebuild // 1.2.5)
Kraftzone_world -Size: 1.76gb  (Dec2011-June2012 // 1.0)   -Size 700mb (Factions server map)

Not listed are skyblock, cityworldv1/v2, quake world, survival game maps, skyspawn, the nether worlds and the end world maps.

Might add those on later but most of those weren't main player building maps, most were server game maps, so for now the above will have to do.

As for plugins, while short of giving away the entire server setup I'm only providing the plugin data folders for..  Towny, Mychunk , WorldGuard and Essentials (Excludes player files as they contained ip's, still provides public warps) you will have to get the plugins, at least all things protected can remain that way. (I do advise using those plugin protections if you start a server without having certain things disabled, some builds have lava/fire etc that without worldguard area blocking  etc you might find entire buildings burnt, melted, flooded etc  )

I think that should keep any of you busy recreating kraftzone for your own personal server if you want. Its not everything but it should help. If you need setting up help etc you can ask on the forum, if you are wanting access to more files\plugins etc you can pm and I'll think about it. Otherwise all help/guides etc can be asked on the forum or search engine :)  and have all the plugins and server files you need.

Announcements / ∆ What can I say...
« on: October 16, 2015, 04:43:11 PM »
It has been a journey....  funtimes have been had, creative towns and buildings have been made and lots drama has happened....To all those that were part of the history of Kraftzone and mainly its minecraft server....

Thank you all.

..where it all began years ago.

As sad as it is to end the server, somethings are what you all make of them, and for me their isn't enough reason to continue it any longer like this. It is disappointing, and I know some of you will miss it, but for me it is time to move on.

So the server will go down on Monday, a final backup will happen on Friday. For the minecraft server /maps(excluding some plugins) will have download links, not sure yet if they will be public, or if I will just be giving those out on request next week.

I do still plan to keep the website/teamspeak going, Kraftzone may still rise again for another journey perhaps with its own game who knows.

∆ You can't truly miss what you have never had or experienced, but those who have, I hope they were all good memories ;D

Rust Announcements / New rust server
« on: September 26, 2015, 01:21:16 PM »
[]Home x3|Gather x2|Smelt x1.5|TP|Minimap|Stats|Clans|FF-Toggle|+MoreMods
- Search for “” in the modded servers tab
- Go to console (F1) and type: connect or

Latest Updates:
4th Oct:
- Voting rewards added..
- Decay has been removed.
3rd Oct:
- Laterns auto light up at night (leave fuel in them)
1st Oct:
- now supports steam login so you can post without registering account, just use your steam account.
28th Sep:
- added.
27th Sep:
- Crafting T-Shirts/Pants etc gets you a random skin instead of the default skin. (Promote the servers steamcommunity thread)
Live Map: (We have an ingame minimap and /map you can use aswel)
- Use your ingame nickname for teamspeak username aswel.
Vote links:
- (ingame rewards coming)

Server Info:
Wanted to run a Rust server for a long time, however after legacy Rust died off, and Experimental was rubbish for so long, made worse by Gary not bothering about getting a proper Linux build out for the dedicated, meant I just never setup the server.

And what a battle to get this server working, Linux + Rust dedicated via wine.. worked great 4 hours while I was setting it up with mods, until it was hit with a mono compiler bug that prevented it from starting up ever again (still possible to get it working on Linux, just not reliable enough) <Table flip>. So I had to go back to windows on the dedicated server. At least performance is better for the Rust server.

If you know anyone who plays Rust let them know about the server, trying to get a new server started is pretty difficult these days. And any suggestions etc the Rust forum section is located here:

Current gather rates for raw materials are as the server title says x2 however rpgstats means that those rates increase as you levelup aswel. I've kept the gather rates near to what I find a playable, I'm still thinking of putting instant crafting on, or near 25% of the time on crafting timers. You can check exact gather rates ingame /gather

I'm wanting to setup some arena areas where you can go straight to FFA and TDM killing with guns on joining the arena etc. Maybe section off parts of the map for various playstyles..

Nice thing with Rust is the oxide mod has alot more popularity on Rust and a lot of base mods already exist to get the server packed with all the useful features and commands players have come to expect from games like this. To think I was coding that for 7dtd server myself was so fun NOT. I've put a list commands currently on the server.. there is more and I'll add to it later in another topic.


For more command listings check /help and also /info for the custom gui helper screen which I'm still improving

/sethome - Set home, default max homes is 3 per player, higher ranks get extra homes.
/home 'name' - Teleports you to that home, cooldown 5s.
/listhomes - Shows all your homes
/tpr 'playername' - Requests teleporting to that player, abbreviated names supported
/tpa - Accepts the teleport request

/stats - Shows gather leveling stats
/hunt - Main command for all hunt rpg skill commands
/dayvote - Vote for day time
/ff - FriendlyFire toggle
/gather - Shows current server gather rates

/dayvote - View help
/dayvote limits - View configuration limits
/dayvote progress - View current day vote progress
/dayvote yes - Vote yes to skip current night cycle
/dayvote no - Vote no to skip current night cycle

/kit - (Kits, still to set those up and decide on what will be in them suggestions welcome)


In other news still changing the forum, Minecraft, Ark:Survival and Rust all have there own forum sections now.  And soon will be the forum portal page that will get a bit of a make over. It has its roots as a Minecraft server however the design does clash a bit with running servers for other games.

I still think there might be room for a 4th server... bringing back the Minecraft Factions server (Kraftwars) or another game, I dare say it 7dtd as the one I was running for it did get pretty popular. However I think I will wait to see what there next update for it is like before deciding.

Ark:Survival Discussion / Ark Survival server info...
« on: July 24, 2015, 05:06:59 PM »
Server Specs: Xeon e3 3.4ghz, 16gb ram, ddos protected.
Server location is: France (English only though) OVH dedicated, good backbone network
Server config: 10x Gather, 6x XP and dino taming rates.

Server just started, bit empty until night times currently, EU/USA players mainly, server is on 24/7

Connect: steam://connect/   (paste the line in browser url bar)
Or just search: 'Kraftzone' etc in the server list

Website:  (Ark survival forum section just getting started, located here:

Server settings:

Server Rules: The one with where you piss me off, or another player or group who come complaining to me that you did a,b or c and I have to do something you might not like.

Chat Rules: Don't care just don't be too weird.

Suggestions welcome (server config settings etc) Will be using workshop mods later on.

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