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April 26, 2021, 06:19:03 PM by Koolio
Views: 12176 | Comments: 3

So in the beginning Kraftzone was hosted on, and so it makes sense that this community site go back to this old domain name.

It allows me to use the domain name for a newer site!

Sure I could have used a sub domain for this old site... the hassles of trying to keep this entire old site/forum/gallery going etc was just a lot easier to move it all onto a domain name of its own. That way it can be kept for nostalgia purposes.. Better than it ending up on | wayback machine or just lost forever.

I've upgraded the site cms software/security purposes aswel, so things are working nicely.

New registrations are going to be closed, you can contact to me on discord if you don't have an account here. Otherwise the forum/shoutbox will work just fine and you can still post here, I'll still be checking it.

I will have an update for the minecraft server soon. It will be updated to the latest version.. so while it's not a very active place around here, things will be kept running until returns with something newer.
December 24, 2020, 06:45:05 PM by Koolio
Views: 13057 | Comments: 8

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all enjoy the holidays.
December 05, 2020, 11:02:27 PM by Koolio
Views: 12003 | Comments: 2

Just a rare update, because I know I do so few of those things here.

Server updated (1.16.4) didn't realize it was already out of date, anyway will try get some more things sorted out including server spawn. It's still the plan to reduce some of the old maps and merge them into a newer map..reduce all the map backup storage hassle of maintenance, broken teleports etc (will put the old maps up for download again before I remove them off the server anyway)

Also added this server stats tool now you can see when random players hop on it for 5mins .. and the live map url for those who want to explore

Well that's all for now
April 28, 2020, 01:46:15 PM by Koolio
Views: 14684 | Comments: 1 (fullsize)

Well I guess alot more of you are having to stay inside like me and we've all got a bit more free time, so the server is coming back.

At this point I think anyone's expectations of how long this stays up is anyone's guess.. until most of us aren't in isolation? Kraftzone's minecraft might aswel operate seasonally as and when right :D

I'm sure it will be up for at least a month or more, starting where it left off around the start of this year when it closed... it will be ready this friday for 1.15 with a few plugin changes/updates, and I've reset the main world (I know some stuff got built there but I'm not sure how much of it was worth saving?)

Maybe there is some 'fun' plugins for virus spreading, KZ hasn't got a hospital built in the city world for this virtual pandemic, and perhaps the Admin Shop might need to implement 2 meter distance rule for safe shopping... :D

See you all on the server then or discord

August 25, 2019, 04:43:52 PM by Koolio
Views: 17766 | Comments: 5

new dedicated server is up and running... configuring of plugins and permissions are in process... new spawn area is being built ...out of a dirt, its a start right :D

You can get the new server ip from our official discord server here:

We also have a discord bot so you can stay connected to the in game chat right on discord and chat on the server from that aswel.

Should be a week or so before official launch will have to see what gets done before then, but if you want to join the server now and look around and you don't mind server restarts and a total lack plugin perms currently then feel free to join.

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