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General Discussions / Re: Please read
« on: January 04, 2016, 05:07:30 PM »
Although i fully support the new idea it will not stop the server from falling even further and have even less players. The problem here is actually Minecraft itself. I no longer play minecraft although i have friends on this server which is why im here. When i did play minecraft i followed maybe 20 odd MC youtubers. Bdubs, syndicate, imanderzel etc, now they all play different games. bdubs plays a lot of rkt league, syndicate plays cod and cs, anderz plays fallout and cs. This is because nobody watches minecraft videos anymore, or atleast not enough people and this is because although minecraft had a good long life it is now over. its been in the spotlight too long and now people are bored of it, hence yters having to find money in different areas. If you go onto a massive server you will see that not nearly as many people play it anymore. This is one of the many servers trying to grab all the players they can and refusing to give up. You need to move on like the youtubers, find a new game or rebuild from scratch. minecraft is dead, not kz. Just let the server go. I dont mean to offend any1 but thats what i feel like. Its all so outdated. take my hint and move on. it doesnt really matter to me. Good luck

General Discussions / Re: Making a CSGO clan. write back if interested
« on: October 03, 2015, 12:29:34 PM »
interested, was master guardian 1 but ranked down cos some friends of mine got vac banned and for some reason that affects my rank, now i think im nova 3 but havent played in about 2 weeks, been too busy on gmod, planning to get back into it, infact im going up to london in 3mins to get some steam vouchers about £100 i was thinking for skins on cs:go. my steam name is : Sebbacus , im in the kraftzone steam group. add me as a friend and invite me to the group, i would be interested in a cs:go team and have been in teams before but they have never really worked out. add me.

General Discussions / Re: Purpose of life.
« on: May 19, 2015, 05:52:20 PM »
what has a copy/pasted biography about a porn star from Wikipedia got anything to do with what I made this post for?


General Discussions / Re: Purpose of life.
« on: May 18, 2015, 08:14:05 PM »

General Discussions / Purpose of life.
« on: May 18, 2015, 08:13:44 PM »
Hello..... I'm Seb, as Pepsi mentioned the forums have been very dry today. I felt like posting something but I really didn't know what, so I Googled "good conversation starters". of course one of the first things that comes up is the purpose of life. Now, I know most people on this server quite well now, and as I said the servers have been dry so im giving them some moisture. I would be very interested if you awnsered my question and said what you thought what the purpose of life is, this is what I think of it:


Now, the purpose of life. What is the point of life? surely there must be a point of us all being here? the purpose of life has baffled people as long as we have been around, and possible longer, how would we know? But why are we here? I think this is a good point for me to mention that I am an atheist and if anyone wants to give me their religious bullshit they can fuck off now (jk). Buddhism, which I think is a very interesting religion has a very specific thought on what the purpose of life is. They believe that we are in a constant loop called samsara, and whenever we die we are reborn (reincarnated) as another person over and over and over and over again. And we need to break out of this loop and die, forever. So basically, the purpose of life to a Buddhist is to die....forever. This is a very intelligent idea in my opinion and I can see why they would believe that. Unfortunately I am an atheist so for me it will not be that easy for me to find out, oh, did I also mention I really don't know what the purpose of life is? Anyway, back to the point, when I re-read what I just wrote, being an atheist and not believing in rebirth, I realised life was sacred, to me, when we die we will not have another chance, we are dead forever. look at yourself, think very deeply, you are you and no one else and once you are gone you will never be alive again..... strange to think about huh? I hope im making it clear what I mean but its kinda hard for me to explain. If life is this sacred we must value it surely, and make sure we enjoy life as much as possible.

If life is sacred we should enjoy it as much as possible yes? why not, we should do what we enjoy most. gosh, this is deep shit. Anyway, I think a philosopher once had a theory that the purpose of life is to have as much fun as possible, and as little sadness. Happiness is "good" and sadness is "evil". after all, if we are only getting one shot at life, then why waste it? Ok, then if that is the purpose of life we could end it here right? but no, first we need to work out what happiness is, do we know what happiness is? are we always sad and have never experienced happiness and when we are less sad we just assume that we are happy, there is no measurement for happiness or pleasure. What does our body enjoy? Drugs? Sex? Adrenaline? Gaming? Eating? Drinking? well, surely if we have a purpose to fulfil in life, our bodies would have adapted to be ideal for this. Well, what are our strongest instincts? our main instinct is survival, we need food, water and exercise. Without this we will die, I do not think these are "happiness" although these are the foundations of it all, without survival we cannot be happy. So what is our next biggest instinct? If we have experienced Drugs/alcohol we will be more inclined to take more surely and this is an instinct that can over power things like survival. Although these instincts are not natural. Although I have been trying to avoid it Sex is another instinct that influences people at certain times. Although again, I think this is just a building block of the foundations. imagine a three layer pyramid, at the bottom is survival (food/drink) in the middle is sex and drugs/alcohol what goes at the top? what natural instinct gives us the must pleasure? This depends on the person I think, so one person sky diving may give them a very large rush of adrenaline which they enjoy a very much, for another person this will scare the shit out of them. Although the deeper I go into this, the more I realise this gives us happiness, which goes at the top of our pyramid, although that cannot be the purpose of life because ---- I will let you decide.

I do not want to get stuck into one idea too much and I could sit here and think of reasons all day, I kind of want to continue playing war thunder so I will try to now explain briefly what I think the meaning of life is. Now, for there to be a meaning of life we must have been made for a purpose, I believe in Darwin's theory that we have evolved over millions of years from bacteria and monocellular organisms or whatever the fuck they are called. If we have just evolved from these we have not been created by a superior power (God) so we do not have a purpose in that sense. We have evolved and we have always evolved for one thing, survival, does that mean that the purpose of life is survival? maybe. If we have always evolved to survive better then the purpose of life for all living organism is to survive. We are always trying to live longer, so if there was a score on "life" the oldest person in the world would be on top of the score board right now. To be completely honest I think that there is no purpose of life because purpose suggests something we have to do. The purpose of life as we know it to me, is just to survive. Pretty sad huh? Well that's what I now think.

I would be extremely interested to see what you all think the purpose of life is and I would like to know what the meaning of life is to different people. "Meaning" wow, that's a completely different thing, that means life has a meaning. maybe I will say what I think that is too, I don't really know. But again, as I said, what do you think the purpose of life is? any Christians, that's the main religion in England and im not really sure what they think the purpose of life is, to go to church and eat Jesus?

holy shit, almost lost all of this cos I wouldn't let me upload powerpoint and it wouldn't let me go back to it (phew)

Questions & Help / Re: Clarification
« on: April 18, 2015, 08:54:30 PM »
yh, i think Brandon is a little stricter than other staff, for example earlier some1 said two messages at rougly the same time that were about 2 words long and Brandon told them to stop spamming, it doesn't matter but other staff wouldn't say anything if they said five things, it also wasn't said in anyway that meant it was spam such as being the same message, its like me making a joke then saying lol straight after and being told not to spam.... literally, that is a bad example but i think Brandon should be a little more relaxed

Other than that Brandon is a good member of staff :D

Questions & Help / Re: Clarification
« on: April 18, 2015, 08:50:01 PM »
as u can see at the top, I was talking another language in English, what I mean is im talking about a language, in English, i wasn't actually saying sentences i was joking about how it sounds and the meanings

Questions & Help / Clarification
« on: April 18, 2015, 08:44:32 PM »
I have a few minor questions that I think should be answered before more muting occurs.

for starters, I understand fully that swearing on the server is allowed, I myself swear although avoid it when I am aware that people who dislike it are online. I also avoid using it excessively because that is not necessary and makes the chat ugly and I also avoid using it to offend people (where possible :D). Anyway. I was recently muted for talking with Benza about the Croatian language, in particular, swear words, we were just having some friendly Banta when BrandonMC muted me for 10 minutes. He did warn me although I responded to his warning with a question because it wasn't very specific and I didn't really want to stop because I was enjoying the conversation and found it quite funny. This leaves the question, is swearing (excessively) in another language and (partially) in English deserve to get you muted, without even a clear warning? It was quite a nucance to me to get muted at that particular moment so I am a little bit irritated. I am not complaining, I am just asking the question: was it fair that I was muted like that? I only ask this because as I said it is annoying, and I wouldn't like it to happen in the future so therefore I think the rules should be clarified. I am not complaining in anyway at all and my mute is almost over. I hope I have made my question clear :-)

Feedback / Re: New map?
« on: March 17, 2015, 07:43:37 PM »
default I think

General Discussions / Re: Well
« on: February 04, 2015, 05:15:24 PM »
I was going to get an oculous rift but I might get this instead. I saw this about a week ago (notice the meme?) And knew that I would have to get one!

Announcements / Re: January Top voters (2015)
« on: February 04, 2015, 05:13:25 PM »
So much for me continuing to vote lol. Hardly even play minecraft now. But I do spy on u guys occasionally. Do any of u still read that comic someone was making based on kz? I have checked on it a couple of times. Might say hello later today but I'm soooooo addicted to csgo! Anyway, it is interesting to see how the server is developing (slowly).


General Discussions / Re: Contest!
« on: December 03, 2014, 05:27:38 PM »
15k? in irl money thats tons, far too much to be real, i could buy a car with that, but on the otherhand, in kraftzone money its nothing.....unless its too every player.....thats a tiny bit better, idk

General Discussions / Re: minigames
« on: November 17, 2014, 03:45:28 PM »
at 360p I cant even read the text that you are writing in the chat!! just cash out 50quid or something and get some MLG recording software and editing, I personnaly like sonyvegas,i think its free and its sick for editing.

General Discussions / Re: minigames
« on: November 16, 2014, 03:20:59 PM »
your recording at 360p lol. make it HD which is 1080p. also I didn't hear any audio....

General Discussions / Re: Objective of the month!
« on: November 14, 2014, 05:35:37 PM »
add another 0, max prize is 10k and doners get 25k a day :/

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