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Project Atlanta
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This is a proejct.. that is currently WIP.. it's basicaly Atlantis aka The Lost City of Atlantis.

The Lost City of Atlantis was once a roman city  which was once on land it had statues.. and there was also a gold type staff with a shape of an devil staff, I do not know what it is called but I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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Another view of the Atlantic Themed House
Another view of the Atlantic Themed House.
 650  4.38
Oct 06, 2013
Atlantic themed house..
A random Atlantic Themed house.
 627  2.50
Oct 06, 2013
I don't know what this is..
I really don't know what this is.. xD

but atleast it fits into the Atlanta project for lighting, this really looks dramatic
 635  2.50
Oct 06, 2013
I need some ideas on this part..
This a random plot I made with yellow wool going in a * shape

I have no idea what to add to it, ideas keep on shooting my mind but they won't fit into the * part

If you have an idea just message me over game
 627  4.38
Oct 06, 2013
My unique part!
When I was creating this fountain, a idea struck my brain.. I thought of the 'Gate Plugin' so I added glass panes in the middle of a rectangle sized pillar going up like 3-2 blocks I wrote this on a sign next to it


Normally you can you leave the space for the item ID and do this

 651  4.38
Oct 06, 2013
This is an old roman staff, which use to be in Atlantis
 665  4.38
Oct 05, 2013
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