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General Discussions / Pretty bad grief on server
« on: August 10, 2017, 08:51:22 AM »
Hello, long time no speak. Hows everyone doing? I was recently on the KZ server just checking out some old buildings. I went to the spawn under the castle the one we all made and it was completely destroyed. I've been on periodically throughout the last two months just playing around showing my friends some buildings and when i went there today everything was trashed. The entire spawn was blown up and water everywhere and a lot of the structures completely destroyed The log block said it was SirManSheep. He is a support on the server. It said it was done on 7/30 so about ten days ago. Koolio if you're not to busy and have some extra time, maybe i can help you fix that area if you'd like.

I hope everyone is doing well

General Discussions / Please read
« on: January 01, 2016, 11:24:57 PM »
Hey guys.
we have been thinking about kz and the way the server is going. There's a lot of problems and things that we think need to be changed and feel like kraftzone should stay the way it ended but we still wanna keep it alive not in the same aspect as it ended but upgraded.

Seaofpain and myself feel like we should remove some plugins like the towny plugin and make it so there's a whole new world where everyone gets creative and can build freely. There will be ranks that allow you to get perks like worldedit,voxelsniper, and other things. The ranks will progress kinda like M-M+-Helper-Staff-Staff= and finally Support. We will rename the ranks they will allow you to have basic worldedit commands to the full access worldedit commands.

We, as a community, need your opinion and help though... Should we make it so the old kraftzone worlds are frozen just for look back and just have 1 or two running worlds.The two running worlds would be the newest world to be used as building without towny or anything and maybe the world18 world so people can play survival.

Kraftzone is our server and community and we just don't like the way the server is running right now and feel like if we let run the way it is right now kraftzone will end in a bad crash.
Just and update having the server run less things will make it better and easier for us to update to 1.9 and other updates quicker.

General Discussions / Online gaming.. With me :)
« on: October 28, 2015, 04:00:17 AM »
Hey guys woombo23 here, I recently have gotten back into competitive aspects of Esports. So that being said my PSN name is Akusreturn.
 I haven't been on PSN for along time, but wouldn't mind playing speed runs of evil within or destiny raids. My xbox live account (Which im a lot more active on for GTA online with friends and halo3 MLG) is gglilboi.  I also play Runescape if anyone wants to add me and play I have both a rs3 and osrs account. fishinglyfe<-osrs madeye23<-rs3

I play competitive Super smash bros melee so talk to me about some melee :)

Also end of the month Halloween is near. If I get 3 or more people telling me what they are going as,  will post a picture of my costume in a separate thread.
Trust me it is something great!

What are your guys plans for Halloween!!

General Discussions / The Woombo Combo Movie List IS HERE !!
« on: October 22, 2015, 06:45:48 AM »
Hello my fellow Krafters, I've decided to make a list of movies I strongly recommend in order to spark some interest and conversations amongst our self's.
Some of you may know me a little bit, or maybe a little bit more than a lil.
one thing is for sure I do love me some good ol movies. I really love horror movies and since its October I decided id give you a end of the month Horror movie list.

Now some of these movies will actually be funny and some will be real scary. Lets take a look shall we?

1) Case 39  <----Don't watch alone unless you're brave.

2) Ju-on       <---------- Basically the Japanese version of the American Grudge Its Scary AF so watch it.

3)  Rob Zombie The Devils Rejects

4) Steven Kings  IT <-- Really scary. Its one of my favorite on this list along with pet Cemetery

5) Children of the corn 1 & 2

6) What we do in the shadow <-- koolio approved

7) Blair witch Project

8) Amityville Horror

9) One missed call

10) Death Tube

These are all movies I recommend you give a try before the big night happens :)
Leave a comment any thought or opinion's please share them
wombo out

ALso I'm a beast at super smash melee so if you wanna talk about getting four stocked by a falco main hmu

General Discussions / staff equal request
« on: August 19, 2015, 08:27:21 PM »
Hello fellow staff, support, and koolio. I'm making this post to inquire about promoting my rank from staff- to staff=. I understand that I may be gone for extended periods of time, but however I do still feel like i'm a consistent enough player to have staff=. since I also am a very loyal player who has had support twice I feel like staff= is something I think I have earned from just the sheer amount of time I have spent on the server. as well as the amount of time im still spending on it and helping.

I understand if you disagree, but I think I should have WE along with some cmnds like /ban and a few other cmnds that allow me to access guns to sell to other players aswell has change their ranks from registered to member+.

Thank you for considering the rank change.


General Discussions / Got a new computer finally!
« on: July 14, 2015, 03:08:11 AM »
I finally got a new computer. It will be good to see you guys again and to finally be able to get back to playing mc. Koolio, ill message you my IP!

General Discussions / An Unpopulated server, dose not mean "No rules"
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:36:45 PM »
Hello woombo23 here.

I have come to the realization of something over the last couple days. It seems that people are starting to think that just because there is not a lot of people online that its ok to break some key common sense rules. Recently found a player with over 18 zombie spawners running at once and it crashed the server when I tp'ed to him. I found a player TEO who was stealing from High standing players [Donatorrank]Teir3's. He told me he gave them back, when that player has not played for a good while which is a total lie. I keep track of older players items and buildings so don't think you can just steal everything and then lie and get away with it.

Don't build on other people's stuff. Ashley(alyth] 's tree was completely messed up by dirt on the very top. some built a huge platform!!1 on something that I helped build hahahahaha wtf! don't like I said I try to keep track of everyone's builds so ill know if you are messing with peoples property's. I also found a payer "stealing something from koolio" in private chat. He assumed that is, but if that's the mentality then its concerning.

General Discussions / IP is not confirmed
« on: February 26, 2015, 12:38:19 AM »
Northern AZ under went some inter issues. I live in Northern az so you need to reconfirm my IP koolio :) thanks a lot!

General Discussions / Hello, I was gone for a few days!
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:08:30 PM »
Hey, sorry about my recent absence on the server, i recently got a new job and and had a few school/ living arrangements i had to do. Just moved in with a few pals and had to move all my junk and get money and stuff sorted through. But anways im sorry for no response i really did not have time to write, but i figure this is a good time since everything is settled  in my life. Ill try to be on everday now :D after work and stuff.. Thanks guys i be seeing you on the server.

General Discussions / This ends Now, you must all read.
« on: December 22, 2014, 11:26:56 PM »
Ok so this might be a tad long, but there is something all of you should read.

This is surrounding the players kott, brandon, sheep,johnny, caleb and myself

So this is whats is going to change, Kott has been givin a warning about her previous grief on zking. She was givin a warning by kooglio(Her secound warning) So she has already faced the consequences of that ordeal and it no longer needs to be mentioned. I see she currently had a altercation with brandon? I cant believe you guys. I mean really i cant, do you not see the double standard here? They both screw with each other. Brandon will start insulting her or trying to get a rise out of her, and he succeeds! She will /kill him and get him pissed and she succeeds! I don't want to even see another post by one of them complaining about the other because they both are are fault in this. So let me make this something you can all understand

Kott will no longer be antagonized by brandon, or caleb, or sheeP, or dark. I dont even want to see you guys saying something like "Trying to fit your 13 year old boobs in" Because they is so insulting and disturbing and a good way to make your self look like a complete hypocrite. This goes for addressing her with an insult of any kind when she gets on.

Also about giving OP items. Johnny and sheep.... Man this is really something trying to say that i've been giving him Op items? Right well I'll try and find the ones ive made him, oh wait i havent seen those only the ones i have stacked for him. So lets see Coacoa beans, herrier strikes, the bowl i mean really guys I've been doing it! I dont see a single damn new weapon or tool he has obtained by me so you two can point at each other for this one. Am i a pal of brandons? Yeah i am i like him he is funny and he cool, but do i think he needs to change his prospective a little bit on how he handles people and staff? yeah i do. So from this point on no one is to give brandon a single OP item new or old. Not a tool, not even an enchanted steak. I dont care if my friend thinks i'm a dick or dislikes me. Its injustice and i dont take sides.

Now i'm going to address caleb, Thank you for donating! But i cant condone a followers complex. Simply just agreeing with seaofpain(brandon) about kott, and seeing your guys personal messages about her is really saddning to see from you. You need to be your own person and try to make a judgement for your self, and not just follow what the others are saying.

Sheep, I really think you're an awesome guy, but you really dont want to go down a bad road with me. So if you have any concerns about me giving items, or how i perform my job, i suggest you talk to me about it. We clear on that?   

So to everyone now, Kott is on her 2nd warning do not insult he and try to get a rise out of her and i will talk ot her about handling things better, becuase she really can be a nice person with a big heart. So im not buddy buddy with anyone, i dont care if i seem like a bad guy. Just everyone stop. If i see anyone ANYONE even staff starting fights with her, or trying to get reaction from her to make petty fourm posts then we will see how things play out between us.

I strongly suggest you guys read every bit of this. I will talk to kooglio about a rational outcome for kotts rank, and other players standing in this server, becuase from what ive been seeing kott, isnt the only one who should be banned.   

Announcements / New spawn coming soon. Some New Updates aswell.
« on: December 13, 2014, 04:02:38 AM »
Hey guys Just letting every one know were close to finishing the new spawn! Just getting done adding and filling some of the spaces inside, but all around its looking really good. Its coming along nicely, took a bit longer than i said, but the end result will be worth the wait i think.

 I also have a few words to say about the new advertising push we are doing. It seems like the server has been picking up a little bit which is good, and im still going at it. The facebook page is Doing well and me and BrandonMC have been gaining likes everyday so hopefully we can reach a milestone of 100 by the end of next month.

 So thanks to everyone who has been coming on and helping, or just playing and hanging out. The new spawn is going to be really cool and thanks to everyone who helped
 Thanks guys :D

Facebook Link:
mclist thread:  (Minecraft fourms comment and bump the thread)

General Discussions / Been busy.
« on: December 08, 2014, 08:16:16 PM »
Sorry guys about my recent absence, I've been busy doing school and work so i havent had any time to actually sit down and do the things i love the most which is game. I've been busy with holiday crud to and preparing my self once again to be with family. The one thing i love but dont want to be around. But none the less. I have time now since everything is organized in my life. :D sorry for not being on much these last few days!

General Discussions / Server is down/ New spawn update
« on: December 04, 2014, 11:51:41 AM »
Ok so while clearing mobs the server crashed and has not recovered. I think this is partly my fault and i take full responsibility. I under estimated the power of /butcher while trying to clear some lag from the new spawn. Its kinda ironic it basically did the exact opposite. So im sorry for those who were planning on getting on but could not, and hopefully kooglio will be able to get us on soon. As for the new spawn. the cave is done so anytime you're on kooglio you can do that smoothing thing to make it naturalized :D.   We still have a bit to go but we will get it done before monday hopefully. so we can introduce it by the end of the week.

So again im sorry to everyone affected by my mistake.

p.s Next time im on ill just WG it so mobs will not spawn. The entire bottem of it was filled with them D:

Hello guys.

Just a few things Id like to talk about. First off advertising is going well I've been resubmitting my thread on the minecraft forums in hopes that new players will come. Still i've been advertising the server a lot and im going to continue in till more people start to join.  My first question is what do you think KZ is missing? What are some things you think could improve the server a lot? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

 Now this is directed at staff/helpers. I see mrsirmansheep on a lot helping players doing his job as staff. But id really like to see more helpers on and staff on. I know the server is a little dead atm. but if you all put in some effort into advertising and helping out we can start to generate new players that will stay. So please if you're reading this come on more. Comment on the KZ threads, or start a forum somewhere else! anything that you can do to help the server.
I hate seeing the staff board but only seeing one of those staff members on while the others are just names on a board :/

So thats about it please leave a reply telling us what you want to see, or any ideas really. Thanks aton!



Hello guys, I hope you had a good thanksgiving(if you don't celebrate Thanks giving i hope you had a good Thrusday). I'm writing this to talk about a few topics so bare with me! First off me and johnny have been brainstorming some ideas to get more people onto the server. We have decided to make an official FaceBook page where you can like it and invite your friends to also do the same! The page will have pictures uploaded and status updates that will be cool to check out, so make sure you like it and show your support! :D Johnny and my self have also taken to Reddit to post on r/mcservers! Its a sub reddit where you can advertise your server. I'm going to discuss with kooglio and johnny in the future about posting to this sub reddit, and similar ones aswell.

Johnny has also thought about doing a intro to KZ fourm and posting it on PMC so hopefully we can have some more traffic coming in. So my request i ask of you guys is if you're on fcebook please hit that like button and show your support! if you're on any website and feel like sharing something good about KZ do it! :P but only if you feel like it.

I also want to bring up another subject regarding newcomers. When someone new is joining please be welcoming! I know a lot of you guys are doing a great job, but i've seen some very disappointing remarks such as "Welcome to KZ bitch". Just please be more welcoming. I also noticed not a lot of staff is on or helpers.. :P staff/helpers if you're reading this come play some with us! thanks

Woombo23 staff=

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