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Introductions / "New" Player
« on: November 09, 2014, 10:30:21 PM »
The names Reddneckapache, and most of you veteran players might remember me ;). just testing the waters here lol. I'm 18 years old and I'm a Firefighter. I played here a lot a couple years ago and well.... you old guys know about it lol. What im really doing here is asking for forgiveness from Koolio, because I just started getting back into mc and wanted to start it out with a good solid server. and im actually really surprised its still here!

Feedback / Feedback (not bad)
« on: February 08, 2014, 09:00:26 PM »
Although i am banned, i am not mad. I do like the server, and how far it has come since the last time i played. Koolio i wish you, and all of your staff, good luck for the future. It was a good run on this server and i am glad i played because of the experience i gained working with you guys. If i could do it again, i would withoutany regrets. i do wish that i could talk with Woombo again lol, we had some good laughs. And also, ill bet you guyswerent expecting good feedback. I would reccomend this server to any new player


Appeal a ban / hello Kraftzone... again
« on: January 13, 2014, 06:11:40 AM »
For thoe of you who knew me, probably got along pretty well with me like Fishmannyj, Pepsi87 and Deadchampion43; we were pretty good friends on here especially. unfortunatly, there was a small issue with my donation that most people didnt know about that caused anger as well as problems between me and Koolio. Dont get me wrong, Koolio is the best server owner i have ever met as far as his knowledge and thoroughness, but we did have an argument that went way too far (the whole slyguy incident wasnt helping much either) and i ended up getting banned because i was being hard headed and didnt know when to stop. I am not appealing this ban because i thought it was wrong, because i was completely in the wrong, but i am doing this so i can get back with the best server i have ever played, and also to see old friends i havent seen in close to a year. i believe i could also in some ways be a better player than i was before because of my Editing experience i had with Naruto and Blue on our other server. i dont want us to have any more friction between our servers because i think all of the players who did get banned because of what happened should at least have a chance to try to talk to you guys about coming back. I also believe i owe you guys an apology, especially Koolio. I feel like i let you guys down... and after saying this, i understand that by saying all this to you guys, all of the new players have no idea what i am talking about, but the older players may oppose me greatly. All i am asking for from you guys is a second chance. thats it. Thanks to those of you who read this, i really hope i can make my return... or work my ass off trying to come back. im prepared for either side of the argument, so be honest if you guys want me back. it wonthurt my feeling any.

clever Paul, but seriously your obviously brianwashing your players to think that you walk on water or some shit.

Dilly, there is a reason as to why ambush wants his money back:

First, Koolio is a dick

Second, Koolio took his staff away because he was gone on family matters,

Third, true ambush had staff, but as did bluedude and look what happened to him.

Koolio your calling me hokie and redneck, but the truth is im 17 and better off than you are in life. Do you see me stiiing on minecraft every day of my life? No, i actually have friends and things to do. You are a complete idiot and i dont care if i get banned from this because this server is a joke compared to when i first joined. after that it all went downhill with koolios mood swings and period times. so this is Reddneckapache saying FUCK ALL YOU BITCHES... thanks for your time

Feedback / Kraftzone players
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:16:20 AM »
My goal here is to see how many players agree with what answers.

Feedback / daswagger101
« on: January 06, 2013, 10:58:26 AM »
i was playing kz when a question was askedabout daswagger101,"daswagger can you add me to your town?" and i answered with "no he cant he is a noob" and daswagger101 started freaking out and cussing at me and i was supprised. then he said "if you dont shutup i will rape your mom tonight" which was way over the line i believe someone should do something about him and get him to calm down about being called a noob

General Discussions / why did i get banned?
« on: December 24, 2012, 02:11:52 AM »
i logged out for a minute and now the server says im banned? i didnt do anything wrong so if someone can help please tell me

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