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Owner: MatryxMayhem

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My first major, structured build in kraftzone, hope you like it guys :D

Owner: Sebastian182

Owner: mangz115

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Well Says it all, People who say the server lags, Buy a computer... I hit 1015 FPS probably faster if I wanted to edit minecraft 20% faster which I could hit 3,000 FPS...

Im posting using Gyazo Because the screenshot has my cords on it so I have to…

Owner: jp123loz

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Well, here are my builds that could get my Architect Rank
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I took a trip around KZ, and these are my findings

Owner: rui334

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Just Some Pics Of Building
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Stuff I take screenshots of
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this took me and ambush23 almost a solid week to build and 18 hours a day so we hope you guys like it

Owner: icyd00m

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Me, Deadchampion43, And TheCrafters144 have finished building the spawn :)
leave your opinion on how it looks please.
and thanks to Koolio for WE

Owner: ambush23

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Finally Finished Dwarf Fort Thanks For All the Support KraftZone

World Edit Crew:Narutoitachi152,Koolio,Bluedudex2
And WhoEver Else Wasn't Mentioned Thanks :)

Owner: Schmitty30

Owner: Camsterkid

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This may be items SPAWNED from donators or -staff and above,
In this you may see
And other kiddies :)
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All da bronies are in here!
-DSRanger is the pilot :) im the soldier :o

Owner: Komaquest

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Their heads...My Prizes...
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