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Shop update
« on: April 24, 2014, 09:45:42 PM »
I think you will all find this useful for both shop owners and buyers looking for a better deal.

If your shop items are not being shown its because you made your chestshop signs before the plugin was added (this plugin has been on the server tracking new chestshop signs and transactions for a few months while now) so that should not be a problem. Just recreate your chestshop sign and it will be tracked and shown in search results when someone is looking to buy or sell the item your chestshop sign was created for.

/csl find buy <itemname or id>   (Search for buyable items)
/csl find sell <itemname or id>     (Search for sellable items)
/csl tp <shop id>   (Teleport to a shop with a specified id)

Other useful commands...
/chestshop   (How to create shop)
/shop (Admin shop warp)

With this update the playershop sign board will be phased out again, and a new players shopping market will be built instead where you can rent a store and setup your shop signs in that instead. Will be easier for everyone to browse other player shops and this plugin already makes it easier to find good deals.


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