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xxShop update

April 24, 2014, 09:45:42 pm by Koolio
Views: 8 | Comments: 0

I think you will all find this useful for both shop owners and buyers looking for a better deal.

If your shop items are not being shown its because you made your chestshop signs before the plugin was added (this plugin has been on the server tracking new chestshop signs and transactions for a few months while now) so that should not be a problem. Just recreate your chestshop sign and it will be tracked and shown in search results when someone is looking to buy or sell the item your chestshop sign was created for.

/csl find buy <itemname or id>   (Search for buyable items)
/csl find sell <itemname or id>     (Search for sellable items)
/csl tp <shop id>   (Teleport to a shop with a specified id)

Other useful commands...
/chestshop   (How to create shop)
/shop (Admin shop warp)

With this update the playershop sign board will be phased out again, and a new players shopping market will be built instead where you can rent a store and setup your shop signs in that instead. Will be easier for everyone to browse other player shops and this plugin already makes it easier to find good deals.

xx3d avatars

April 07, 2014, 12:05:43 pm by Koolio
Views: 37 | Comments: 0

Update: Seems like most avatars are still linked (only a few got lost in translation) so just ignore this unless you are missing an avatar, which case read below.

If you could just go onto your;area=forumprofile, and update you avatar "Choose avatar from gallery" and select "-Kraftzone", it will be in there somewhere ( :D )

Also if you are cracked, you can upload you skin, and it visit<username> and it will use your uploaded skin, works for premium players aswel it just gets the skin from mojang.

So I had planned to move all the 2d face avatars over to 3d ones seamlessly without this requirement to ask you to update you avatars, only there was 1 little thing I missed all the forum profile avatar links broke because SMF just forgets the last set avatar and wipes it when it can't find the avatar directory. Well derp if I had known it would have done that :D

My plan was to just rename the 3d avatar directory, to the same as the old 2d one (which both have same filenames for each player) but did not go as planned. It seems the forum noticed the missing avatar directory (I really should have disabled the forum oh well), inbetween me renaming the 2d avatar directory, and 3d directory to the 2d one, where the forum should have kept the same avatar links, and started loading the 3d ones.

Save me having to write some script to match forum account with minecraft username.

xxAprils Update

April 02, 2014, 11:30:23 am by Koolio
Views: 150 | Comments: 10

Well hardly anything to report about last month it had been pretty slow as far as events and features on the server goes.

Aside from the huge server bug, that happened fairly recently and caused constant crashing the moment more than 1 player joined the server, this was a major bug in the spigot(bukkit) server. It was fixed in less than 30mins, however the repercussions of being forced into updating the server, have caused problems with two core plugins we use at Kraftzone. Many scripts I have written, use both plugins which cause some serious issues with server stability, neither plugins have active developers, and running a premium and cracked server complicates the matter with security issues that are tied in with backend scripts. That's just short description.

Recently joined the server? please read...
....during the short period of time after the server bug was fixed a small number of premium players joined Kraftzone, if you have joined Kraftzone recently using ( /or/ please use /whatsmypass (now working again), write the password down, and connect to  (this is the cracked lobby server), you should be asked to enter your password (from /whatsmypass ) it should work and that is all you need to do.  However if you are asked to register a new password, please do that, as it is for your own account security to prevent anyone else registering a password on your own account. I doubt many will have been effected by this issue, however its worth mentioning incase it does effect you. If it did , then you just happened to join the server after the above bug was fixed. In future the running of the cracked server will just have to be shutdown until everything is checked to be working properly.

Unfortunately such a flaw has been because of relying on third party plugins, and its meant many other backend scripts at Kraftzone used to handle commands like /total have been broken down aswel, so I've been rewriting them into actual java plugins for the server.

For new registered players, the /rankup command is also currently down, just ask in chat that you need promoting to member once you have 20 votes. This is being worked on, when I finish the plugin it will work for members to /rankup directly to memberplus without needing to ask aswel. And many other improvements will come with it including long talked about vote points to perks feature I have been wanting to add for the server.

The good news is that it will mean the server will have less future problems with relying on third party plugins. So some of my free time is being taken up with doing that and will continue while I work on new plugins and finish the rest of the script to plugin porting. yay fun ( hopefully some fun custom plugins for kraftzone will come out if it in due time)

Rank changes

- Orestis7000 is no longer staff
- Pepsi is back to staff

Extacyy has retired, understandably the responsibility of being staff/support on a server is a volunteering role and as such we can only try to find those who at the time have the time to spare for it. I do thank them for helping out with the wiki pages and running a very active town. You can check his retired thread here 

This does mean that there is no longer any support staff at Kraftzone for the time being. While we have a good staff team to help out with most the issues players will need help with. I will be changing the permissions staff have based on the seniority. Effectively staff will gradually earn certain permissions towards support rank based on how well I can trust them.

Worldediting requests will be handled by myself for now, so just make sure you have clear instructions with what you want worldedit help with (ie mark out areas you want clearing), and make sure you have voted before requesting help. Helpers and Staff will be able to assist you in getting that sorted and informing me of what is needed should I not be actively around when you need help and have to go offline.

Other stuff

In-active towns will be wiped out this month, if you are a town assistant and the mayor of the town hasn't been active in the past month you need to let staff+ know so transfer of mayorship can be done. As I will be checking towns and when the mayor of the town was last active, when deciding if the town should remain.

Might also start getting any abandoned buildings and mychunk plots wiped out and land regenerated if they are no longer in use.

If you have any buildings that you want protected with WorldGuard, please ask staff as this is part of preparing the server for Minecraft 1.8 update

- New ingame command /ytm <playername> <youtube url>  - this is a slight change to the youtube link you might have seen used in game by donators and staff to broadcast youtube video link and title information. Now all players can use it to message a video link to someone that is displayed in the same way.

- /tblocks  - Just a helper command to let you know the procedure for buying extra town blocks.

I will be adding a many more helper commands just to help with the commonly asked questions.

xxMarch Top voters (2014)

April 01, 2014, 02:06:46 am by Koolio
Views: 69 | Comments: 0

Thanks to all for voting in March

The following players will all get Voter+ rank for this month.

3rdkottelainen47 805 775
Planetmc: 790
Minestatus: 654
MClist: 172

Total votes: 2609 (bad month in votes)

xxSkyblock update

March 30, 2014, 11:47:15 pm by Koolio
Views: 84 | Comments: 2

island or skyblock is getting a reset or replaced

I haven't decided which yet, but it was about time it got an update and a reset. So I've took it off while I check to see what other plugin options exist to handle it otherwise I will just update the existing plugin (which needed a config reset anyway and so not much choice in reseting)

also the 10,000+ player files were being checked to do the island level ranks.. so that was indeed a huge issue for lag when most of them need wiping out.

If you really want to see your island again, leave a comment I can upload the map and config files with your old skyblock island coordinates.

--------Update --------

So the islands have been reset and we are using the updated version of the same plugin which has had some improvements like a menu system. So just do /island or /skyblock to access all the other commands.

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  • Koolio: yeh just a good habbit to get into, because even though u shouldn't lose inventory, it happens plugins aren't bug proof
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  • johnny: tip: When joining a mini game you should always empty your inventory before entering the arena because it will wipe out your entire inventory
    April 19, 2014, 07:58:41 pm
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    April 19, 2014, 07:38:15 pm
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    April 17, 2014, 09:25:07 am
  • Procrasticody: I dont know about you guys but ice is out of control she is way too immature to be a staff member on this server. This is getting ridiculous...
    April 17, 2014, 08:10:49 am

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